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Amigos activities General Concept Costa del Silencio

Amigos Costa del Silencio is trying to offer  meaningful and various activities to the tourists.

We place our focus on the following:

  1. Learning the Spanish language in theory and practice in accordance with the teaching method of adult education in Germany.
  2. Digital photography
  3. Discussion circles
  4. Further activities

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Our main concern for Amigos activities are to create the conditions to ensure that the tourists - especially long-term stay of at least 90 days during the winter months in Tenerife, the "Island of Eternal Spring", find here in Costa del Silencio the necessary requirements.

To successfully achieve this objective, the following points are helpful:

  1. By a short holiday in Tenerife, you will learn the conditions of Costa del Silencio
  2. The community of same minded people
  3. The presence of Amigos meeting place with no obligations.
  4. Fast and Easy learning the basics of the Spanish language with courses by Amigos

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Most inhabitants of this village are Canarians. The tourists inhabit predominantly, called "Urbanizations", which are typical for Costa del Silencio and comprise a total of 100 to 400 apartments. There are no hotels. Each urbanization has its own characteristics and its Inhabitants come here from many different parts of the world. They live either as owners themselves in these apartments or rented out to tourists for short or long-term periods.

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